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Since 2008, PTHA’s Turning for Home, Inc. has served Parx Owners by providing the safe retirement of their horses, leaving absolutely no reason for any retiring racehorse to face an uncertain, unsafe future. Our ground-breaking funding mechanism brings support from the Owners, PA Breeders, Parx Jockeys, PTHA Horsemen, Private Individuals, and Parx Management. It has provided a safe outlet for over 4,100 Parx-based racehorses.
Turning for Home (TFH) provides immediate assistance for emergency surgeries, veterinary evaluations, rehabilitation, retraining, and rehoming through our Partnerships with Approved, experienced, dedicated, and knowledgeable farms up and down the East Coast. Donated funds go directly to those farms and their treating Veterinarians for the care of the horses as they transition from their racing careers to safe second careers. Our team works nonstop to find new owners (Adopters) who will appreciate our Thoroughbreds and enjoy them for the rest of their lives. TFH tracks its horses, provides guidance,  and will always bring any TFH horse back to the nearest farm as needed for additional rehab, retraining, and rehoming, making it possible for them to be re-loved in their next life.  

We are the model program in the racing industry and have helped thousands of retirees find new homes and second careers, helping every Parx horse sent our way. If you would like to see your retiring horse on our website’s Success Stories, Turning for Home is here to help.
Trainers and owners wishing to retire horses can visit the TFH office in the administration office on the backside, call Danielle Montgomery at 215-808-7562, or email the required paperwork (see below).

    The horse must be continuously stabled on the grounds of Parx Racing for 90 days prior to the time of application into TFH, or have raced in the last 30 days with a trainer that is based at Parx for at least six months of the year. Horses at training farms must have raced at Parx in the previous 30 days from the application and must have raced over 50% of its races at Parx in the previous 365 days. TFH will keep the waiting list shorter than four weeks. Surgical cases move to the front of the waiting list. Parx Owners support the program, but individual donations are encouraged and support our outreach, education, and allow us to help even more of the needy horses sent our way.
    The trainer or owner must complete the HORSE INTAKE FORM and SOLD AS RETIRED FROM RACING FORM (including notarization). Submit foal papers or request digital papers be transferred to Turning for Home, Inc. as Owner/Manager. (EMAIL) DON'T FORGET TO TRANSFER HISA TO PTHA'S TURNING FOR HOME. Provide proof of current negative Coggins test. TFH Administrator will take conformation photos to ensure proper retirement from The Jockey Club. Veterinary evaluation forms, including any screening sets of radiographs, must be submitted, along with any additional required diagnostics for horses retiring due to injury. Colts/ stallions will be castrated at the best time as determined by the attending veterinarians. By delivering a horse to TFH, the owner agrees to transfer complete ownership of the donated horse to TFH. Liability, risk of Loss, and expenses for the care of the horse remain with the donor until the horse leaves the grounds to go to a TFH Partner Farm. Turning for Home is incredibly thankful for all the Parx Trainers, as the burden of care for retiring horses ultimately falls on you. We appreciate the standards you keep to ensure that every horse is treated with respect and leaves our track with its dignity intact. We intend to do our part to carry on with the best rehabilitation, retraining, and homes we can find. Feel free to contact our office for updates! You can follow TFH socials for updates or just ask!!
    Re: Parx Racing’s Zero Tolerance Policy Towards Horsemen Responsible for Sending Horses to Auction/Slaughter/Kill Buyers Any owner, member of an owner partnership, or trainer who is found responsible for sending a horse or horses to auction where they could be purchased by dealers/kill buyers for slaughter, or for sending a horse to slaughter will have his/her backstretch privileges revoked, will be denied entry to race for all horses owned in whole or in partnership, and said horses must be removed immediately from the Parx backstretch. In the event that ownership of horse(s) is transferred, the transfer must be to a third party who is not family related to the original owner/owners, and an affidavit must be signed by the third party attesting to that fact.


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