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Since 2008, PTHA’s Turning for Home, Inc. has served the Horsemen of Parx by providing the safe retirement of their horses, leaving absolutely no reason for any retiring racehorse to face an uncertain, unsafe future. The Program is funded by the Owners, Breeders, Jockeys, PTHA Horsemen, Private Individuals, and Parx Management and has provided a safe outlet for over 3,700 retiring racehorses.

Turning for Home, (TFH) provides immediate assistance for emergency surgeries, veterinary evaluations on the track, rehabilitation, retraining, and rehoming through our Partnerships with experienced, dedicated, knowledgeable farms up and down the East Coast. Donated funds go directly to those farms and their treating Veterinarians for the care of the horses as they transition from their racing careers to safe second careers. We do everything in our power to find new owners (Adopters) who will appreciate our Thoroughbreds and enjoy them over the rest of their lives. We supervise adoptions and will always bring any TFH horse back to the nearest farm as needed for additional rehab, retraining, and rehoming.  

We are the model program in the racing industry and have helped thousands of retirees find new homes and second careers, helping every Parx horse who needs help to retire safely. If you would like to see your retiring horse on our website’s Success Stories, Turning for Home is here to help.

Trainers and owners wishing to retire horses can visit the TFH office in the administration office on the backside, call the administrator at 215-808-7562, or send an email with the required paperwork attached (see below).

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